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Contract Law Services

Let us draft your contracts fast with a low flat fee! 
A good solid contract is the basis of all business. When you have a contract attorney draft and review your contracts, you dramatically increase your chances of success and remove thousands of potential pitfalls. Most business lawsuits and bankruptcies boil down to badly drafted or verbal agreements, often based on free downloads or homemade efforts. Our contract attorneys know hundreds of contract clauses for use in drafting your custom business contract. As your contract attorney, let us win your battles before they are fought. We are recognized for our affordable and prompt business contract services in areas such as:

• Sale of Goods and Distribution agreements
• Purchase/Sale of Business, Assets, and Stock
• Employment contracts
• International contracts
• Shareholder agreements
• Partnership agreements
• Independent contractor agreements
• Licensing agreements and Intellectual Property
• Commercial Lease and Residential Lease
• Promissory Notes and Security Agreements
• Non-Compete and Non-Disclosure Agreements

We offer prompt contract law service that is responsive to you needs! 
We know that businesses often have to act quickly to be successful. If you can close a deal by Friday, you need a contract drafted or reviewed right away. Our objective is to provide prompt, responsive, and affordable contract lawyer services that meet your needs. We have extensive experience drafting and reviewing general and exclusive supplier agreements, requirements contracts, quality and warranty clauses, just-in-time delivery agreements, service contracts, and other types of commercial contracts. Some of our midsize business clients retain us monthly for document review or to draft specific agreements as the need arises. Many small business owners come to us with a single draft of an agreement they are ready to sign. To meet their unique needs, we also offer many individualized contract law services for a flat fee.

Always have a contract lawyer review your contracts! 
If the other party drafts a contract for you to sign, always have a contract attorney review the contract for you first! You will be surprised how many clauses and presumptions work against you. You must level the playing field and iron out these unfair and unreasonable contract clauses before you sign. In the long run, the savings are tremendous if you are represented by your own contract lawyer and perform a contract review on every contract before you sign it.

Contract Law Services that fit your budget! 
We invite you to learn more about our prompt, affordable contract lawyer services. Contact us to schedule a no-cost initial consultation with a contract attorney. We are committed to helping the owners of small and midsize businesses become successful.